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Open Surveillance Systems

Now you can install and control your own professional surveillance system. Take a look to our proposals.

Video surveillance is one of the most reliable and most common methods for maintaining security in highly sensitive facilities such as airports, retail stores, banks and other places that require continuous real-time human surveillance. Many security systems available today provide for real-time evaluation of images as viewed by video cameras. Alarm conditions are declared when a sensor detects an intrusion or other abnormal event within the field of view of a camera.

Video surveillance systems often monitor relatively large areas by means of several video cameras or domes. A dome may include one or more cameras, each camera is wired directly to a control console at which the video signal is displayed. Images from several cameras are displayed on one or more video monitors at a security console. Video surveillance systems provide video cameras at appropriate locations throughout the facility to be guarded. With the new EyeWare servers, cameras and monitor stations, you can compose a complete and affordable solution that allows remote monitoring through any Internet connection.

Because the magnocomp’s EyeWare solution has an open architecture, you can use any home network to spread your surveillance net and you can use any standard PC with Internet connection as a powerfull monitor station. You won’t need any subscription or any service tax.


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